Cake Sizes and Pricing

1/4 Sheet (8"x12") - Starts at $25.00

1/2 Sheet (12" x 16") - Starts at $50.00

Full Sheet (16" x 24") - Starts at $65.00

8" Round - Starts at $30.00

10" Round - Starts at $42.00

12" Round - Starts at $55.00


Fondant and Fillings are an extra charge, depending upon the size of your cake.

Edible images are an additional $12.

Adding fresh fruit to any of your cake layers is an additional charge, depending on size of cake.


Wedding cakes are charged by the serving ($1.75-$5 per serving), depending on what is involved in making your cake.

Any Party Cake that is a stacked cake will fall under the wedding cake pricing due to the amount of work involved with stacked cakes.


Cupcakes start at $15 per dozen. At least a dozen must be ordered. (If you want marble, at least 2 dozen must be ordered.)


Cake balls start at $2 each, depending on how intricate you want your cake balls.


Cookie Bouquets

1/2 dozen cookies w/ chocolate basket - $35.00

1 dozen cookies w/ chocolate basket - $60.00

Baskets are hand-made with your order.

Individual cookies start at $2 each. Minimum order is 1 dozen.


Large Cookies

Available in Sugar, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal

12" - Starts at $15

16" - Starts at $25